Cheapest VPS Hosting for Startup Business

Would you like to start a new business? Do you need a cheap VPS hosting to live your website/app? If Yes, this article for you. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server where you will get exactly like a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) with your chosen operating system that suits your best. According to your needs, there are a lots of operation like Cent OS, Ubuntu and many more operating system you may use for your VPS.

Cheapest VPS Hosting for Startup Business:

Instead of Shared Hosting Server, It’s recommend to use a VPS to manage everything that you need. Besides if you have high volume of traffic, shared hosting server will NOT be able to handle a lot of traffic. In an affordable price, I would suggest Contabo VPS. I have 3 VPS(es) on Contabo with more than two years. I have been using Contabo because I found this as the Cheapest VPS Hosting ever I seen. Before start using Contabo VPS, I though there must have lots of issues since they are providing VPS a low cost. After using two years, I feel it is not like that.

What is the weak point of Contabo VPS?

Sometimes for the maintenance purpose your server may be affected more than 2 hour. During this maintenance periods, all of your websites/app hosted on that server will be down. Although this happens very rarely. Overall, I have a good experience using Contabo VPS.

What is the difference between Shared Hosting and VPS hosting?

Well, Shared hosting plan is plan where a lot of websites are hosted from different companies. This means Shared hosting provider sells the same server to a lots of business. This this case, the resources of the server is shared with all of those business.

What is the difference between VPS and Dedicated server?

A dedicated server is divided into only a few parts to make it a VPS. In this case, only the owner of the VPS will be able to use the resources of that VPS. With the VPS root access, you will have your own operating system and you will be able to manage everything according to your needs. In shared hosting, there are some limitation and in some cases you can not manage them according to your requirements. But in case of VPS, since you will have the ROOT access, you will be manage everything according to your requirements.

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