Change WordPress admin password from database

How to change WordPress admin password from database

Did you forget the administrator account password of your WordPress website? Don’t receive password resetting mail? Now you want to change your admin password from the database? If it’s then keep reading ….

How to change WordPress admin password from database:

To change any password from your database, you need the cPanel / database server access. Go to phpMyAdmin and search for your website database from where you want to change the password.

Depending on the hosting provider, the phpMyAdmin option may have on different places. You just need to find it out and then go to your phpMyAdmin option to select the database to change the admin password.

If you don’t know which database is used for that website. Go to your website root directory and open the wp-config.php file. On the “wp-config.php” file, you will see the database name.

Now it’s time to open the database. Click on the database name and search for the prefix_users table. In this step, open the users table. On the users table, you will see something like the attached screenshot mentioned below.

At this stage, you will see all the users of your website. From all the users you need to find the admin. You can easily find it since you know the admin email. Besides by default, the admin ID is 1. So, you need to click the edit button of the admin row to change the password.

It’s time to change the password. Change the password now and make sure to select “MD5” function before clicking the “Go” button. It’s crucial to select MD5 before updating the password. Please see the attached screenshot below if you have any confusion.

N.B. This is a developer-level tutorial. If you feel, it’s difficult to do for you. You may consider hiring me through Fiverr. I’ll fix your issue as soon as possible.

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